We are Digital Courtrooms

The all-in-one system designed to make lawyers lives easier

Digital Courtrooms benefits

Reduced costs

Our clients can save in excess of £800 per case when compared to a manual court bundling and courier process.

Faster production time

With our pioneering document bundling software, it takes just a matter of minutes to produce a legally compliant bundle.

Secure datarooms

Make it easier to comply with your IT security policies with our secure datarooms. Add 2FA, set user permissions and more.

The complete digital courtrooms solution

Digital Courtrooms includes:


Our secure dataroom component provides a simple to use interface combined with leading security standards to deliver an exceptional digital courtroom solution.

Electronic Bundling

Our pioneering digital bundle software takes the strain away from creating court bundles. In use across the UK, our digital bundling software is widely regarded as the true industry standard.

Onboarding & Support

Developed exclusively for Digital Courtrooms, our onboarding and support team make best use of the latest techniques to ensure that all client’s receive an exceptional support service.

How does Digital Courtrooms work?

Digital Courtrooms is about taking your electronic Court bundle and sharing it in a simple and secure way with everyone who needs access. Our offering includes both the document bundling software, and secure data room.

What Digital Courtrooms Provides You


  • Easy Setup
  • Full Support
  • System integration
  • Optimal Security

Document Bundling Software

Produce Practice Direction compliant bundles in minutes with our electronic document bundling software.

Retrieve files and folders from your existing systems, add emails and their attachments and build straightforward cover pages and indexes at the click of a button.

Secure Dataroom Solution

Upload your completed electronic bundle to the dataroom and add access to all relevant parties. Set user permissions for downloads, iPad access and more.

Have an updated bundle? Simply upload it to the dataroom and all parties will receive email notifications that a new version is available.

Digital Courtrooms Pricing

Easy to understand price plans for all caseload sizes

We price our plans on number of cases over a 12 month period. We do not charge complex overages for size of bundles, number of bundles, number of users or any other complicated way to get you to pay more.

Included with all plans

All plans include ongoing support, product updates and Court onboarrding to ensure that your Court and their staff are completely invested into moving digitally.

Secure iPad app now available

Read electronic bundles on your iPad with our new secure and encrypted iPad app.

Read documents offline
Quickly find and read documents from within your data room and download them to your iPad for offline reading.Learn More »
Mirror permission settings from your data room. Touch ID or password required to access documents and PIN enabled.
Full text search across documents
Using the iPad app you can use full text search functionality across all of your documents, finding relevant statements, documents and comments.
Easy to use
Using the iPad app is straightforward making it quick and easy to get going

Free trial

10 free cases

Get started today with a free 10 case trial including datarooms, onboarding, support and bundling platform


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